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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  July 7, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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as hundreds of people gather to protest what they say was a delayed response to a weekend row home fire that killed four young children. >> we want answers! we want answers! >> tonight nbc 10 is there as neighbors demand answers and city leaders respond with the late night news conference. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. police arrested at least three people in this near-riot crowd filled with hundreds of protesters tonight. and in the last hour, mayor michael nutter came out to address their concerns to try to calm down the community. we have live team coverage tonight on the scene of protest in southwest philadelphia. >> and at city hall, mayor michael nutter and the fire commissioner just responded to the public outcry. we begin with george spencer live on the scene where protesters filled the streets for hours tonight. george, a lot of raw emotion out there tonight. >> reporter: jim, it was hard to witness at times. things finally calmed down at about 9:30 or so tonight, but even right now you can still see
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a heavy police presence here on the block that is home to both the fire scene and the firehouse that responded to that fire on saturday. this is easily one of the angriest mobs i have seen as a reporter and as temper flared, police were barely able to maintain order. screams wailed through the streets as police carried away protesters, drowned out at times only by sirens. surrounded the rowdiest in this mob, the near riot was on outpouring of anger and pain carried by the father of two of saturday's four fire victims. >> stay up there. come on, man, they're burned to ashes. >> reporter: most in this crowd believe the fire department's response was not fast enough and its subsequent explanation insufficient. some seemed eager to confront even police tonight. the crowd was by turns hostile
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and near violent, sometimes hurl water bottles at police and other moments they seemed simply brokenhearted by lost life and a feeling that their liberian community is not heard. >> obviously the fire is the individual incident that set this off, but i think it's frustration from a community that feels fairly underrepresented. >> reporter: for hours tonight, the noisy mob took over entire blocks near 65th and woodland. >> back up! back up! >> reporter: the entire time, fire crews at ladder 4 just around the corner from the original fire scene were unable to get out and respond to neighborhood calls. the crowd and its outrage was too intense. in all of the commotion, we saw at least three different people detained. there were dozens, perhaps even 100 philadelphia police officers on this scene, and in the end they did keep the upper hand. a medical issue out here, apparently one of the victims' aunts suffered a seizure in all
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the intense emotion out here. she was rushed to the hospital. that is the only injury, though, that we are immediately aware of. we'll be keeping an eye on it overnight. that's the latest live from 65th street in southwest philadelphia, george spencers nbc 10 news. our live team coverage continues now at city hall where mayor michael nutt eter wrapped a news conference minutes ago about the residents' concerns. nbc 10's keith jones was there. keith, families are desperate for answers. what did the mayor have to say? are the mayor was very clear here, jackie. he says claims of long response times are, quote, outrageous. now, we got our hands on the fire dispatch radio. we queued it up to about 1:20 after the dispatch initially came out. listen for yourself. >> ladder 4. we're on location. we have three two-story row houses fully engulfed. >> reporter: 100 protesters as you heard george spencer near
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65th and gesner disagree. they claim it took firefighters 10, 20 minutes to start fighting that fire. mayor michael nutter says simply those allegations are flatly inaccurate and an insult to the fire department. he responded to one woman we spoke to who insisted she reported the fire in person saturday morning and nothing was done. . >> i came here. took down -- they said when i came around here, you are to call first. when i call, it was 20 minutes to get here, 10 minutes to prepare and then they just left all these houses burn up. these kids are dead and that's not right. >> that is not true. it's just not true. someone did come to the station. i understand it was a male. and the officers immediately put themselves into service9o$ onc they called our fire communications. >> reporter: mayor michael nutter and other city officials urging people to remember what's important here, four young children lost their lives and
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firefighters, they want us to remember who were right around the corner, they had seen these children. they're very well aware of these families and this happened in their neighborhood. back to you guys. >> there's such pain with these families and clearly differing opinions. what are city leaders doing to mend relationships with the community? >> reporter: yeah, they're prominent community members in southwest philadelphia. they plan to meet with city leaders tomorrow at some point. one of those people from the community that are going to meet, a prominent pastor, that pastor tell everyone in the meeting that just wrapped up protest that you sen iniv atll, h frohectims ost lom a gs loes out tght websit b th iacn canou oldal wl a see innoceom. lk ar st nbc hn w's in
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ed aldade ea t fe e in ie con s tyity lu ctronihefr airov t ecurher.ea ow onet oahe newinporn qaeda may be trying to build a bomb that airport security cannot detect. $2 billion. that's how much emergency funding president obama is expected to ask congress for tomorrow to handle the immigration crisis. today, demonstrators demanded that kids coming illegally from central america be allowed to stay, but the white house made it clear that most of the children aren't likely to qualify for humanitarian relief that would keep them from getting sent home. mayor nutter says he will prescreen next year's concert lineup to ensure there's less
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filthy language at the city's fourth of july celebration. this is video of lastriday's fourth of july jam, concert on the ben franklin parkway. it was billed as the largest free concert in america and featured acts like nicki minaj, ed sheeren and the roots. there's plenty of foul language from the performers. mayor nutter says concert organizers are contractually on obligated to make event suitable for families and will make next year's concert more family friendly. the family of a teenage girl missing from philadelphia for 46 years will now be able to bury her. relatives of 14-year-old sandy stiver were given her remains by the berks county coroner today. stever and her 17-year-old sister in law, martha, disappeared from their kensington neighborhood in 1968. not long after, two unidentified jane does were found murdered near reading, buried in potters field. a connection wasn't made until sandy's family read about the jane does on a missing person website and dna confirmed it was
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the girls. >> we're sad and we're hurt and we're mad. we want to know who did it. we want someone to come forward and try to give us some kind of closure to the rest of this. >> investigators say no one connected the dots between the missing girls and the jane does because there was no internet or missing person databases back then. a would-be robber was stopped in his tracks at an ocean county water park thanks to the quick thinking of several witnesses. police say a man of new egypt robbed a man in the parking lot of six flags hurricane harbor in jackson township part of six flags great adventure. happened last night. police say after he grabbed the man's cash, he hopped into a car that his friend was driving. that's when several witnesses blocked the car's getaway until police could get there. officers arrested he and his driver and found heroin in the car as well. he's now charged with robbery and theft. he and his driver also both charged with heroin possession. new information on a montgomery county man accused of
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stealing from not one, but four wedding receptions. today a judge sentenced joseph franzone jr. to between four to eight years in prison and recommended he receive drug treatment. back in march, he pleaded guilty to stealing thousands of dollars in wedding gifts. police say he hit receptions in providence township and lower gwinnet. today in court he apologized to one of the brides. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> we have thunderstorms moving through, mostly north and west. we're tracking one line of storms through the poconos entering parts of the lehigh valley. today we were in the 90s. if we see two more days about this, we could be talking about heatwave number two. second heat wave of the season. more storms, though, coming in the forecast as we go through this week, too. average high temperature, 87 degrees. today we got to 93. tomorrow we expect mid 90s.
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wednesday will really be the deciding factor. we could hit 90 degrees on wednesday. could be a little borderline. if we do, it will technically be a heatwave. here's a look at the storms, though, moving into the allen tun area now. they're starting to leave carbon and monroe county. these are the same storms that were in much of pennsylvania earlier today. now, whereas we zoom in on them, they're moving into parts of lehigh, north hampton counties. lightning here. heavy rain near mt. bethel, phillipsburg surrounded by scattered showers nearing allentown as well. if we track this for mostly moving to the east. pretty much right now. maxatawny, 11:24, phillipsburg, 11:40. 11:54, holland if they're holding together by then. does appear that soon they should be starting to die down a bit. future weather kind of does that with these storms. overnight, we're pretty dry. then tomorrow we could see a very fast-moving line of showers
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and storms. that's what the latest update on the computer model is showing. this is 9:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. we have storms in the forecast tomorrow. wednesday, we have scattered showers and maybe some storms in the forecast through the afternoon, too. we're not really going to break out of the hot summertime pattern any time soon. all the heat, humidity and storms are going to stick around. for the shore, tomorrow, same thing. it will be hot. as we go even into thursday, chance of afternoon storms but a little less humid thursday. tonight, warm and breezy. couple late thunderstorms i just showed you. 73 for the low in philadelphia. tomorrow, hot and breezy with afternoon storms. 94 to 92 degrees for the high temperature. so if we hit the 90s again on wednesday, we could be certainly in a heatwave there. still have storms in the forecast. on thursday we'll see thunderstorms but then we start to dry out as we go through the day. the humidity drops down. we get less humid. going into the weekend, so far, it does look pretty good, but if you look at the forecast, you can tell we are definitely in a summertime pattern.
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hot temperatures, afternoon storms. i think we all just have to kind of get through the heat because so far, again, the weekend, what we all look forward to isn't looking too bad. >> it was really pleasant and comfortable over the weekend. >> it was. so that's going to come back eventually. >> all right. sheena, thanks. speaking of patterns, the phillies are in one, too, and not the kind fans would like to see, right, john clark? >> master of the segue. ruben amaro says changes are coming to the struggling phillies. find out how the phils respond to the best team in the national league. we're right back. uncle craig, what's the deal? can't record that many shows at once. why? you can't save every single cartoon. why? you know you can't pause the tv here and play it in another room. why? it's time for fios quantum tv. store up to 200 hours in hd. record up to 12 shows at once. pause and play live tv, room to room. plus, watch live tv on the go with the fios mobile app.
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hey, i'm john clark. the phillies starting a series in milwaukee. tonight the brewers have the best record in the national league. phils on the other hand have
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lost 9 of 10. they're 14 games under 500. only the astros have fewer wins in baseball. so today, ruben amaro says this. "i didn't anticipate our guys being this poor because they are, they are this poor. we think they're better but they haven't shown it, so at some point we're going to make some changes." amaro says some minor leaguers could be coming up. do the phils respond tonight? first inning in milwaukee. chase utley, doing his part. two-run homer. that's his first homer in two weeks. the phils are out to an early 2-0 lead. then in the third, ryan howard drops one in for a hit. utley running on the play. hustles all the way from first base. 3-0 lead. phillies' biggest lead in two weeks. seventh inning, cole hamels disrupted catcher trying to get on the same page. cole a little bit upset after pulled later in the inning but works out. ken giles gets rickie weeks to fly out. been a rough few weeks for the phillies but they are up 3-2
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right now in the ninth. this will be a good win. nerlens noel will play in his second summer league game tomorrow night in orlando. he looked great in his debut saturday. game high 19 points. he did rest yesterday as a precaution. so what does he want to work on? how about his jump shot? >> if i really get that down, like i have been working on, you know, really be able to help me with my game and using my quickness to go by a lot of defenders while they have to respect the shot for that but play me a little closer. that could be somewhat unguard bl.  >> unguardable. did you hear that? military appreciation at the wells fargo center. a tribute to heroeses. flag football game. it's the wounded warrior amputee football team. versus former nfl players and local celebrities. the wounded warriors dominate. they win 63-35. and listen to former eagle brian westbrook. he was real impressed. >> they call themselves wounded
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warri warriors, but they didn't look wounded out there. came out, played hard. it's really truly an honor for all of us guy s to be out there with guys that served our country. >> our real heroes. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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during the cadillac summer's best event, lease this 2014 srx for around $329 a month or purchase with 0% apr and make this the summer of style. well if we hit the 90 on wednesday that will be an official heatwave. otherwise we have thunderstorms in the forecast. >> that's nbc 10 at 11. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. >> for sheena, all of you watching, "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon" is next.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it?s "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- keefer sutherland nicole richie musical guest crosby, stills and nash
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